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Over the last few years, apps have occupied every industry in the world. From fashion to the manufacturing industry, apps are the undefeated utility tool. An astonishing consumer base helps the developer community to reach its prime.

However, as a developer, I feel that the dev community ignores a very…

With every day passing the need for single code — multiple-use thing is growing. Our audience is on mobile as well as on the web & desktop. Providing service on a single platform doesn’t seem right from any angle. …

Gradle is a very powerful build system. It handles the very complex process of building .dx files from java source code, merging all the resources and assets into the application package (.apk), and signing the application.


Gradle has three distinct phases in the build cycle:

  • Initialization: In this stage of…

I started doing better when I started leaving small fights for small fighters.

I stopped fighting those who gossiped about me.

I stopped fighting with the people around me.

I stopped fighting for attention.

I stopped fighting to meet people's expectations of me.

I stopped fighting for my rights with inconsiderate people.

I stopped fighting to please everyone.

I stopped fighting to prove they were wrong about me.

I left such fights for those who have nothing else to fight.

And I started fighting for

my vision,

my dreams,

my ideas and

my destiny.

The day I gave up on small fights is the day I started becoming better & so much more content.

Some fights are not worth your time.

Choose what you fight for wisely!

Since I started android app development, lots of things have changed! From architecture to user experience, from the database to app size, the change is good but yet not enough. Yet today, developers have to struggle to make their app stand apart and more user-friendly. Surely the provided app…

Pardon me for the bad article name, I am not good at it!

Android 8.0 introduced a new feature, Fonts in XML, which lets us use fonts as resources. This was extremely helpful for customized textview!

Earlier we were creating custom textview and setting our font from the assets folder…

Vision for Flutter is to provide a portable toolkit for building beautiful experiences wherever you might want to paint pixels on the screen. Flutter supports mobile platforms like Android, iOS, and of course Web.

Let us discuss what we planned for! …

Hello there, today we will create a custom toolbar and also apply a gradient as shown.

First, let us create a new project or choose an existing one. To add a gradient to the toolbar, we need to edit our styles.xml. …

With the launch of android 10, Google announced the much-awaited Dark Mode. The developers can use the provided API and allow the user to activate dark mode in their app.

In this blog, we will create an app that can activate dark mode on a single click. Let us begin…

I started developing apps in 2016. It was my first exposure to modern tech. And yes, android was a masterpiece of modern tech, you can use it on a cellphone, watch, cars, tv, and whatnot.

I started developing and designing apps for startups, established companies, and some NGOs. I learned…

Ayaz Qureshi

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